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Creation Encounters

“Jesus frequently withdrew to the wilderness to pray.”  – Like 5:16


“Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”  – John (of the mountains) Muir


What Are Creation Encounters?

Is nature a place you go to get away? In search of beauty, awe, or wonder? Does it help your mood or shift your perspective? Have you ever rekindled a connection to your heart and soul looking at a sunset or walking in the woods? Does the wonder of God become more real to you in nature? Maybe you feel that you haven’t fully known these kinds of experiences, but you are curious to know them more intimately. These kinds of experiences are the hope and expectations we have for “Creations Encounters”.


Creation Encounters can come from watching a sunset, a walk in the park, sitting in solitude among the trees, on top of a mountain, or venturing deep into the wilderness. We encourage, organize, and facilitate “Creation Encounters” from short contemplative walks in the park, to overnight experiences of solitude in the woods , to multi-day contemplative backpacking trips for the purpose of drawing closer to the presence of God.


  • “Go Outside” experience – facilitating 1hr nature experience and reflection
  • “Ancient Paths” trips – facilitating a path to 24hrs of prayerful solitude in the woods
  • “Contemplative Backpacking” trips – 4 days off-grid of contemplation-in-community backpacking


Events offered by the Selah Center on the west coast and Cascade mountains of Washington State. Click for more information and registrations.