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Living From The Heart

Living from the Heart (LFTH) 

LFTH offers a transformational learning cohort, an extended community experience that invites you into a unique journey from head to heart, beyond performance, achievement, and rational dependence to receptivity, alertness, and trusting openness toward God. This is a journey that deepens, sharpens and enriches your life from the inside out, and introduces various contemplative practices that sustain such a life.  Biblically, the heart is the very core of life from where our intentions and character flow into our thinking, feeling, relating and doing. Opening to God’s heart of love with our whole heart, including our broken places, and learning to be attentive and receptive to God’s love brings a truth-filled, healing integration within that frees us to offer our lives in loving compassion and listening companionship to others and creation. This is Living From The Heart.


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