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Mindfulness, meditation, and contemplative practices are the core content of this website. These are intended to be resources to support your intention to take moments of pause in your day and connect with your inner being. The content is continually being expanded and improved upon. As content grows new systems for organizing, filtering, and sorting the content will be added to make it easier to access the content that suites you the best. Take your time to sit with and absorb each post that you open. Each one is intentionally short on words but full of space to be intimate with you experience of life. We encourage you to return to your favorites over and over again, because repeated practice deepens your experience and awareness.

Contemplative Prayer Practice

Everyday Blessing

Find more in your everyday tasks by creating and practicing your own “Everyday Blessing”

From Islamic Tradition

The Guest House

Welcoming Emotions
– poem by Rumi – Sufi Mystic

Contemplative Prayer Practice

Welcoming Prayer

a prayer practice for when strong emotions arise in meditation, reflection, and prayer.

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